Branch End and New Ridley
Painshawfield estate in the trees
St Peter’s Church, Bywell
Norman nave and Early English tower
Looking east over the station
St George's church Mickley
South entrance
Mickley Square
Jiggery Pokery and Eastgate Manor
Mickley Square, High Mickley and West Mickley
View from Ovington bank

Welcome to Bywell, Mickley and Stocksfield Anglican churches

Hello. We are pleased to see you.

This is the website of the Anglican churches serving the residents of Apperley, Broomley, Bywell, Cherryburn, Hedley on the Hill, High Mickley, Mickley Square, Stocksfield and West Mickley (for map showing the area of the relevant two parishes click here). There are three church buildings - St George's Mickley, St John's Stocksfield and St Peter's Bywell - which are the responsibility of one priest.

Please use the menu above for details of services. You can select to view services either by their location or by their type.

Enjoy your visit - we hope to see you in person!


Following the retirement of Revd Bill Rigby, repsonsibility for church affairs lies with the Area Dean and the Churchwardens. The Area Dean, Revd Lesley Chapman, can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on 01434 682 120. For more about church affairs during a vacancy please click here.

During the vacancy, the 8am Sunday service will not take place every week. Please use this link to check. Thank you.


For all the LATEST NEWS, please see below.

Forthcoming Events

Friday July 21, 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM
Sunday July 23, 8:00 AM -
Holy Communion (Book of Common Prayer)
Sunday July 23, 9:00 AM -
Parish Communion (Common Worship)
Sunday July 23, 10:45 AM -
Parish Communion (BCP)
Monday July 24, 10:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Holiday Club for children
Tuesday July 25, 9:00 AM -
Prayers for the Benefice
Monday July 24, 10:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Holiday Club for children
Tuesday July 25, 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM
Wednesday July 26, 10:00 AM -
Said Communion (Book of Common Prayer)
Monday July 24, 10:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Holiday Club for children

What's New?


Questions posed by the Congregation on 16 July

On 16 July, the gospsower titleel for the day was the well-known Parable of the Sower. Using the idea of a seed taking its time to bring new growth, we engaged in an activity which approached this parable in a new way. The service had been planned so that the focus was on asking questions rather than providing so-called 'answers' by so-called 'experts'. We helped the message of the parable to germinate in our minds by asking questions about it. The gathered questions from the congregation can be read here.

The congregation suggested what we might do with these questions. What you are reading here was one suggestion. Others included writing an article for the September magazine and following up some of the questions at the next All Age Worship service on 20 August. If, after reading them, you have some ideas as to next steps, or indeed would welcome a chance to talk through some possible answers, please get in touch via the Contacts page.


Assistant Warden

Following Mickley parish's election of Barry Onions to the post of Deputy Warden, Bywell parish has now elected Joy Marshall to the post of Assistant Warden. Both these appointments are designed to support our existing churchwardens in their roles. A Deputy Warden has the same responsibilities as a church warden, whereas an Assistant Warden has responsibilities connected to a particular situation. The particular role here is to be the first point of contact for emails coming from the diocese, the deanery and other official bodies and to communicate this information to our wardens, neither of whom have email facility.


New pages on the History of Bywell

The previous pages on this website, telling the story of St Peter's and St Andrew's churches, the castle and the medieval village, have all now been updated and illustrated. See the new pages by clicking here.





What's Been Happening?


Our Parish Profiles

As part of the process for appointing a new priest, both parishes have produced a parish profile. These documents tell prospective applicants about our parishes and inform the job description. Our post is currently under consideration by the Bishop of Newcastle.

Parish profiles for Bywell, St Peter and Mickley, St George parishes can be found by clicking here.


Children's Society Boxes

Several people in the parish keep a box in their house for donations to the Children's Society. The annual box-opening in May raised £518 for this worthy cause. Thank you to all who contribute.


Friends of St Peter's Church Concert

The evening of Bach music for cello and organ held in April made over £500.


All-age Service

There is now a new service on the third Sunday in each month at St Peter's Bywell replacing the standard Holy Communion at 9 am. It will start at 10 am and will be short and informal, yet at the same time worshipful and inclusive. A different way to allow us to worship God and to learn about Jesus. Come and see!


Change in the Church of England

The 'Programme for Renewal and Reform' is a comprehensive initiative involving organisational change for the whole Anglican church.


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