I could never be good enough

1. I could never be good enough

Peter, Andrew, James and John were rough handed fishermen. They left everything to follow Jesus. The other disciples, the apostles closest to Jesus included a tax collector, on the very edge of polite society, and others whose backgrounds we can only hint at.

Jesus gathered them and they walked with him. He talked with them, encouraged them, trusted them even when he faced rejection. These were his followers who began the Christian Church. Jesus knew they would be good enough.

If Jesus has called you, then He knows you are good enough too!


2. I could never be good enough

A lot of people feel this way – it’s part of the human condition. Our culture pressurises us to think that if only we could have that possession/ be that good looking/ be as clever as our friend, then life would be somehow transformed.

What transforms life for Christians is the knowledge that God made each one of us and He loves us just the way we are. That’s the whole point of Jesus dying on the cross – his death does away with the need to cross any hurdle before God can accept us. It may hard for us to understand but this is what we learn from Jesus’ life and the Bible.

What the Pharisees in Jesus’ time didn’t understand was that you don’t get to have eternal life by slavishly following a set of man-made rules. Jesus taught that by accepting him as our Lord and King he would show us the way to God and that we would have the Holy Spirit with us to guide and direct our lives.

When we decide to become a Christian and invite Jesus into our life, we are transformed by what He did on our behalf. Christians are no better or worse then non-Christians but they do have a different outlook on their human state. Importantly, becoming a Christian doesn’t stop us making wrong choices or losing our temper – but as the tee shirt says, “Be patient - God isn’t finished with me yet!”


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