Wasn't Jesus simply a good man?

1. Wasn't Jesus simply a good man?

If that is what you'd like to think, fine! But I'd ask you to go to the New Testament and have a look at the four Gospel accounts of what his followers tell us that Jesus did. Mark says, 'This is the good news about Jesus.' Here begins the second of four accounts of Jesus life and ministry written for different audiences by four different people.

Christians believe that Jesus was a good man and far more than a good man. He was prayerful, holy, and radically different to earlier prophets and teachers within the Jewish faith. In challenging the authorities Jesus gave authenticity to the message that God seeks to show his love for all people, to draw them into closer relationship with God himself and to offer people healing and forgiveness. It was those who lived around Jesus who saw signs that he was closer to God than anyone they had ever known. In miracles, teaching, healing Jesus allowed others to see that he was, indeed, the Son of God. In letting himself be arrested, tried, punished and killed for what he had not done Jesus showed willing obedience to God, whom he called Father so that the world could be reconciled to God.

The Resurrection accounts leave room for us to make up our own minds, to wait on the prompting of God, through the Holy Spirit. It is that prompting that leads followers of Christ to say that Jesus was far more than a good man. He is Lord! He is the Son of God!

2. Wasn't Jesus simply a good man?

The difference between Jesus and all other ‘good men’ is that none of the others claimed to be God walking among us. In all other religions, the deity is aloof and remote, only in Christianity do we find a God that came to earth, ate, slept and drank like we do, encountered temptations, difficult people, loss of friends, and experienced the whole range of human emotions from passion to grief. Incidentally, did you know that the shortest verse in the Bible is “Jesus wept.”?

If, like most people, you accept that Jesus of Nazareth was a real historical figure, then you have to give serious consideration to his claims - recorded by his followers and those who knew him – to be the Son of God. The fact that ‘God walked among us’ is hugely significant for our destiny, which is eternal life. But it’s our destiny only if we accept Jesus into our lives and believe that he was and is who he said he was.

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