What happens when we die?

What happens when we die?

That depends! Jesus taught that, although everyone will die, his or her spirit will live on. At the Day of Judgement, every person who has ever lived will have to account for themselves in front of God. As a result of this they will either go to heaven or to hell.

This Christian view is based on the Bible. It’s important to state this as even today, our culture still has unhelpful imagery left over from Medieval times which was the figment of people’s imagination. One example of this is most people equate paradise with heaven. The Bible teaches that before the Day of Judgement, people who die will go to one of two intermediate places or states – paradise or Hades. After that day, we will either go to heaven or hell.

Another common misunderstanding is that heaven will be another place (as in the carol Away in a manger, which has the line “and fit us for heaven to live with thee there.”) Well that’s not what the Bible says! It states that heaven is the restoration what was lost in the Garden of Eden – full relationship with God. It also tells us that heaven will be a restoration of where we live now, a fusing of the current world with the spiritual realm.

No one is left simply to hope for eternal life. The resurrection of Jesus after his death – when he walked through walls and appeared instantaneously in different places – gives us first-hand evidence of how our transformed state will be. He also left his Holy Spirit so that those who believe and are filled with it bear witness to the guarantee of eternal life.


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