Branch End and New Ridley
Painshawfield estate in the trees
St Peter’s Church, Bywell
Early English church on site of Saxon monastery
Looking east over the station
St George's church Mickley
South entrance
Mickley Square
Jiggery Pokery and Eastgate Manor
Mickley Square, High Mickley and West Mickley
View from Ovington bank

2012 Archive

Please click here to download a copy of the letter from Bishop Martin read out in church on 25 November.

Harvest Supper 2012

2012-10-03 19.36.112012-10-03 19.36.46

2012-10-03 19.37.012012-10-03 19.37.43


Pictures of the Mickley Women's Group 2012 Jubilee party (click here)

Pictures of the Bywell Arts Festival 2012 (click here)

Morning Praise Celebration May 2012

Morning Praise recently celebrated its fifth birthday. The service contained some helpful reminders of those people in the world less fortunate than ourselves. Immediately after the service all the young people split into teams to play a treasure hunt. This was followed by a buffet lunch.

 Treasure hunt teamTreasure hunt all ages

Treasure hunt team                       All ages getting involved

Treasure hunt working it outTreasure hunt food

Working out the answers                          Getting the reward!

5th in church5th in hall

The world's food as a cake                All ages celebrate together

Garden Party 2012

The parish Garden Party lunch was a great success. The warm food and some shelter in the garden (plus a little wine!) kept out the cold winds.


The host prepares                             The guests await               


 The guests relax                      The churchwarden clears up!      

Pie and Peas Adventure

The quiz questions were written, the pies were ordered and peas had been well and truly mushed but, as people arrived for the Pie and Peas Quiz night on 23 March, there was no electricity! Whilst various galant souls tried to fix the problem, guests kept their coats on and huddled round the tables for warmth. Although the refeshments on offer seemed to warm some folk's cockles, for others, minds became hazy as the quiz was tackled.

Enterprising helpers meanwhile were running a shuttle service from the hall to the vicarage. Later, all the chilly guests followed and consumed their pies and the peas in the warmth of the vicarage. When the answers were given, some people lamely tried to suggest that their poor showing was down to inadequate lighting! This was no problem for the winners - a team from Hedley on the Hill (they'll be on Pointless next!) Many thanks to Jim Davidson for the quiz and to Bill and Helen for dealing so graciously with an unexpected influx of over 30 guests.