Branch End and New Ridley
Painshawfield estate in the trees
St Peter’s Church, Bywell
Early English church on site of Saxon monastery
Looking east over the station
St George's church Mickley
South entrance
Mickley Square
Jiggery Pokery and Eastgate Manor
Mickley Square, High Mickley and West Mickley
View from Ovington bank

2013 Archive

Lent Groups

This year's theme was prayer. It was a very practical programme to help us decide which are the most appropriate types of praying for each of us. We looked at these aspects:

      • What is prayer? (ways to stillness, prayer journals)
      • Praying with colour (praying through art, praying through poetry)
      • Praying with scripture (Praying with pictures, praying with music)
      • Lectio Divina
      • Contemplative prayer


Visit to the Northumbria Community

On a bright, cold March day, nine of us spent a day at the home of the Northumbria Community near Felton. It is their service that we use every Thursday at Celtic Prayers and we were keen to find out more about this community.

N Community Catherine group

The group with Revd Catherine Askew, Warden at Northumbria Community

We discovered that it operates as a network with around half a dozen resident members in the Mother House but over a thousand friends and members throughout the world who wish to identify themselves with its values. These are to hold in tension the characteristics of vunerability (to God and to others) and availability (to God and to others).

We worshipped with the community, toured the premises with its well-equipped guest rooms, heard how the community began and experienced a deeply spiritual time using one of the exercises many of us learned on the Lent course - a Lectio Divina.

For more information about the community visit For more pictures of our visit, click here .


Church Garden Party

For the first time in a few years, it was dry and warm for the church garden party!

Garden p 131

The guests arrive

Garden p132

Our host circulates

Garden p 133

Some of the guests

Garden p 134

Dorothy serves the low-calorie option