Who's Who

Priest in Charge

 Rev'd Dr Pat Moran

Deanery Synod Representatives

Bywell St Peter, Stocksfield - Tim Astbury, Janis Davidson

Mickley - Helen Nevin, Peter Nevin


Philippa Harpin (Bywell, St Peter, Stocksfield)

Robert Peers (Bywell St Peter, Stocksfield and Mickley)

Jim Standish (Mickley)

PCC Secretaries

Bywell St Peter, Stocksfield - Jane Algar

Mickley - Jean Comb


Bywell St Peter, Stocksfield - Michael Allan, Margaret Cross, Melna Martin, Jessie Reisner

Mickley - Bill Forster, Joy Marshall, Barry Onions


Bywell St Peter, Stocksfield - Ralph Marrison

Mickley - Bill Forster

Organists (Bywell St Peter, Stocksfield)

Paul Oxnard, John Roddam

Gift-aid Secretary (Bywell St Peter, Stocksfield)

Elaine Woods




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