Prayer is the lifeblood of the church. Individual daily prayer, prayer in groups, prayer during public worship services all reflect our belief that, as God's people, we are called to spend time with Him. You can download daily prayer suggestions from the Resources area of this site.

Outside the regular services there are other opportunities to focus on God with other Christians.


Morning Prayer is said in St John's church on Monday and Wednesday at 9 am


On Tuesday morning at 9 am in St John's porch there is prayer time for the Benefice. This is a reflective time spent waiting on God to see what He is saying to His church. It usually lasts for half an hour. There will be some silent time in order to be still and to do some listening to God.


On Thursday mornings at 9 am in St John's porch 'Celtic Morning Prayer' is said currently by about 8 people. This, too, lasts for about half an hour and follows a daily office from the Northumbria Community. Set prayers and readings found in the office book often seem highly appropriate for events in that week. Funny how God does that!


Prayer Triplets Most of the 45 minutes per fortnight is spent in silence or listening. There is no need for people to say anything unless they feel moved. At the Northumbria Community we learned about the simple practice of Centring Prayer and this is how we spend the first 15 minutes. Next comes 15 minutes of intercession using a list of people who are sick or in need. The final part is praying for each other, which can be in slience or using words depending on the wishes of the people in that triplet. All conversations and the list are strictly confidential.

If you think you might be interested in spreading the network of prayer in our communities, please contact Robert Peers.


If you would like some suggestions to help you in your daily prayer, please contact the vicar or visit the Anglican church's Learn to Pray section.