Home Group material

Please see below for resources connected to recent home group meetings.

Autumn 2016 - Summer 2017

The focus for this season is Alison Morgan's very readable book with questions Following Jesus - The Plural of Disciple is Church.

Autumn 2015-Spring 2016

We are using the excellent resource Seasons of My Soul - Conversations in the second half of life jointly produced by the Anglican and Methodist churches.

Lent 2015

Churches Together are using the film Chococlat and the book 'Jesus and the Chocolaterie' to explore the themes of self-denial, community and growth.

Autumn 2014

The prophet Elijah was the focus for the autumn sessions. Did these miraculous events really happen? How do we hear God speaking today?

Lent 2014

The churches in Stocksfield and Mickley are getting together to use an exciting book called Another Story Must Begin based on the film Les Miserables.Sessions are on Tuesdays at 2.30pm and Thursdays at 7.45pm. For venues, please contact the Wardens or vicar.

Autumn 2013

We are using Patrick Whitworth's very accessible book Conversations with Jesus which covers ten conversations recorded in John's gospel.

Lent 2013

This year's theme was prayer. It was a very practical programme to help us decide which are the most appropriate types of praying for each of us. We looked at these aspects:

What is prayer? (ways to stillness, prayer journals)

Praying with colour (praying through art, praying through poetry)

Praying with scripture (Praying with pictures, praying with music)

Lectio Divina

Contemplative prayer


Autumn 2012

Exploring the book of Genesis - was the world made in 6 days?! Click here for a summary sheet of what the group discussed.


Lent 2012

Three ecumenical groups used Hilary Brand's excellent book Finding Your Voice which is based on watching the DVD of The King's Speech.