St Peter's Church services

Sunday 8.00 am Said Communion (Book of Common Prayer) (details )

This service will take place on the first, second and third Sunday of each month.

Sunday 9.00 am Parish Communion (Common Worship) (details )

This service takes place every Sunday apart from the fifth Sunday in the month when a united benefice service is held at St John's church.

St John's Church Stocksfield services

Tuesday 9.00 am Prayers for the benefice (details)

Wednesday 10.00 am Said Communion (Book of Common Prayer) (details)

Thursday 9.00 am Celtic Prayers (details)

Fifth Sunday of a month 10.00 am United Benefice service

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St George's Church services

Sunday 11.00 am Parish Communion (Book of Common Prayer) (details) NB During refurbishment of the church over the summer and autumn of 2018, this service is being held at St John's church Stocksfield.

Other important services during the year include:

2.00pm on Good Friday

6.30pm on St George's Day (23rd April)

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