Parish Communion (Book of Common Prayer)

This service takes place on Sundays at St George's church at 11.00 am. It follows the traditional 1662 setting of the communion. Hymns are sung and a sermon preached. The congregation are known to be warm and welcoming.

Please note that there are no toilets at this church.


Holy Communion said (Book of Common Prayer)



Wednesday at 10 am at St John's church

Sunday at 8 am at St Peter's church - held on the first, second and third Sunday of each month.

Parish Communion (Common Worship)

This service is held on Sundays at 9 am in St Peter's church, Bywell. Common Worship is the form most widely used for communion services within the Church of Engalnd. It uses modern language and lasts for about one hour. Parts of the service are sung along with hymns, and a sermon is preached. Refreshments are served in church after the service. You are sure to receive a warm welcome. Do join us to offer worship and praise to God.

Please note that there are limited toilet facilities at St Peter's church.